Margay (Leopardus wiedii) – Central and South America

In the lush rainforests and dense canopies of Central and South America, the Margay (Leopardus wiedii) reigns as a truly remarkable and agile feline species. This small wild cat, often referred to as the “tree ocelot,” boasts a striking appearance characterized by its beautifully patterned fur, similar to its larger cousin, the Ocelot. However, what sets the Margay apart is its exceptional arboreal prowess. Equipped with specialized ankle joints that allow for rotation, Margays are unparalleled tree climbers and leapers.

Margays primarily inhabit the tropical rainforests, where they gracefully navigate treetops in search of their prey, which includes birds, small mammals, and even insects. Their unique appearance, featuring a luxurious coat adorned with dark spots, blotches, and stripes, allows them to blend seamlessly into the dappled sunlight and shadows of the forest canopy.

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