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All about the Cat Breed Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat breed is a fascinating and beloved feline known for its distinctive characteristics and friendly nature. Understanding ...
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Cat’s Island is for Cat Lovers. Cats have been loved by humans since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians were enamoured with cats and viewed them as vessels of the gods. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that even three thousand years ago our feline friends were deeply loved just the same as today. While that mysterious cat presence should always remain just a little mystical, Cat’s Island is here to answer many of your questions and we’ll share interesting facts about these wonderful creatures who delight us every day.

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Cat Breeds

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Cat Breeds

Manx : Cat Breed Information

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Cat Breeds

Scottish Fold Cats: Uncover Fascinating Facts!

Hey there! Have you ever heard of Scottish Fold cats? Well, let me tell you, they are absolutely adorable! These ...
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